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Rotary Actuators are used for automating control valves either pneumatically operated or electrically operated
At Baccara, we have expertise and extensive experience in the installation of Rotary Actuators on a wide range of valves, especially Ball Valves (Brass, Stainless Steel and PVC) and Butterfly Valves.

Case Study: A major Israeli food company
Here, two 3″ Stainless Steel Ball valves are operated by just one Actuator.
With this design, we are not only saving space, but also ensuring that
both ball valves operate simultaneously.



Electro-Pneumatic panels allow for efficient and practical control and access to the customer’s operational equipment. They are constructed from high quality material, are easily operable and are user and environment friendly.

Baccara specializes in the design and manufacture of solenoid valves, with rising interest and demand coming from hi tech market. We install the valves in the electro-pneumatic panels after in-depth consultation and agreement with the customer. The customer’s panel design specifications are carried out by our skilled and dedicated team of engineers.



The customer’s operational equipment is installed in cabinets constructed from high-quality and sustainable materials. This ensures complete protection from harsh environmental conditions.
Baccara also manufactures cabinets for the food storage and production industry. In this case, particular care is taken to protect the connectors on the electrical coils inside the cabinets. The connectors are sealed in order to protect the coil from being exposed to exterior elements like moisture.

Case Study: Concrete Factory
20 years ago, Baccara designed and created a customized cabinet for a large concrete factory. The cabinet is located in an external cement manufacturing area where high levels of fine cement dust are produced.
The cabinet, containing Solenoid and Diaphragm valves, is constructed from high-grade metal, plastic and Stainless Steel – and is in perfect condition to this day.



Here at Baccara, we manufacture and assemble a wide range of Pneumatic Cylinders – the dimensions of these cylinders are from the smallest diameter of 8mm up to the largest of 320 mm.
The cylinders are designed to be installed in a variety of industries and are constructed according to the customer’s specific requests. Only approved materials are used such as Brass, Stainless Steel and specialty coating

Case Study. Dead Sea Factory
Baccara manufactured cylinders for a factory in the Dead Sea area. The construction of the Brass and Stainless Steel 316 cylinders required a process application of epoxy and electroless nickel plating. Our engineers also installed protective bellows on the cylinder rods to prevent from salt corrosion and oxidation.


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