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BACCARA SPAIN is a subsidiary of BACCARA Group which was founded in 1964 in Kibbutz Geva, located in the Jezreel Valley, northern Israel.
Baccara is a market leader in the manufacture and specialization of products and services for automation, offering innovative, reliable, and high-quality products at competitive prices.
Our extensive product range includes solenoid valves, air valves, air cylinders, and nylon tubing. We provide optimal solutions, products and services that meet the needs of all sectors of industrial, irrigation and agricultural automation.
Our commitment to excellence in engineering and R&D enables us to develop and launch new products and applications as well as providing custom-made automation solutions for our clients.


Since it was established in 2006 in Madrid, BACCARA SPAIN has provided technical and logistical services to many customers in a variety of industries on the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin America.  Our specially engineered solutions serve industries such as :

  • AGRO-INDUSTRY: We have many years’ experience in the field of solenoids, valves and controllers and have developed specific applications for irrigation, fertigation, filtration and control purposes.
  • WATER INDUSTRY: Whether your application is in automation and control, water purification process or systems management,
  • BACCARA SPAIN can meet your precise requirements.
  • DIGITAL PRINTING: Our solenoid valves are designed to meet the precision ink dispensing requirements of the commercial printing markets.
  • MEDICINE: BACCARA offers a wide range of innovative products for medical applications such as mechanical ventilators and medical gas processes.
    OTHER industries such as renewable energies, textile industry, steam, low pressure gases and compressed air systems

We have ISO-9001: 2000 certification for all our products and ISO-14001 certification for environmental quality control. Above all, we fully implement our quality control system to ensure that our products are manufactured to the highest levels of quality and reliability to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

products and applications

GEM-A3P Latch Solenoid Valve

The GEM-A3P solenoid offers superior reliability and robustness to control hydraulic valves for irrigation. The valve also provides environmental temperature control through air conditioning systems using micro- sprinklers. The valve’s low energy consumption and its easy adaptation to any latch control system are key factors which influenced the customer’s choice.

GEM-A3P Latch Solenoid Valve

G80-BNJ "Banjo" 3 Way Solenoid Valve

The G80-BNJ is the perfect solution for heavy industry pneumatic industrial actuators. This small and dependable solenoid valve works in a pressure range of up to 6 bar which allows a smooth opening and closing operation in spring-return actuators and pneumatic cylinders. An effortless connection system is possible thanks to the valve’s Stainless Steel pivoting connector and low power consumption.

GEVA 80 Spain LATM - Baccara® Automation Control

GEM-A Solenoid Valve

Sports turf fields require a reliable watering system for healthy maintenance and longevity.
The brass GEM-SOL® 3 Way solenoid is the ideal choice for use in sports turf irrigation systems. The solenoid can be installed in large hydraulic valves and is able to provide the optimal solution for automated irrigation.

GEM-A Solenoid Valve


For high temperature steam applications, the GEM-CRK insulated valve is the best choice. The Stainless Steel insulated valve has proven to be the ultimate solution for industrial beverage machines (such as coffee and espresso machines) where steam temperature control is required.

GEM CRK - Baccara® Automation Control


Sergio Lozar – General Manager

Sergio, a Technical Agricultural Engineer, joined the BACCARA Spain team in 2019 as a Sales Engineer where he was responsible for Sales & Marketing Iberia. He has extensive experience in the field of irrigation, fluid handling and water treatment. He has worked for more than 20 years in both the irrigation segments and in the water treatment and purification industry.
As General Manager, Sergio’s main objective will be to continue the expansion of the BACCARA brand and to further develop new solutions in the different markets and industrial segments of Spain and Portugal.

Gustavo Diaz – Sales Engineer

Gustavo joined the BACCARA SPAIN team in 2022 as a Sales Engineer providing technical support, customer service and technical solutions to our clients in Spain and Portugal. He is an Agricultural Engineer with extensive experience as a technician in the Spanish and Portuguese agricultural segments.


General Enquiries

T. +34 91 344 6310

Sergio Lozar

General Manager

M. +34 91 344 6310

Gustavo Diaz

Sales Engineer

M. +34 673 837 971


Baccara Spain
Avenida De La Industria, 38,
Nave A-15,
28823 – Coslada (Madrid)

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