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We’re proud to be part of a movement
for change and have declared a


We’re taking an active role in addressing pressing environmental challenges to drive positive impact. We believe that starting within our organization will ultimately have a spiral affect outside as well.


Our 'Big Why'

At Baccara, with the involvement of all our employees, we decided that the Climate Crisis exceeds all other issues in importance, and shall be our ‘big why’. In other words, the answer to the question – “what is our purpose and the reason each of us wakes up every morning?”
With the total support of our Board of Directors, we have declared a Climate Emergency.
We decided to base our new corporate growth strategy on this idea, and the directions for business development as well as the growth engines we choose, are derived from it.
Having said that, we are not naïve and we do not think that Baccara alone can change the situation with our products or our business model.

Increase Awareness

We believe that the most significant and most important influence Baccara can have is by increasing awareness to the issue – awareness that is necessary to effect policy, both nationally and internationally. We are turning to all our customers, suppliers and all Baccara stakeholders, communicating the importance of this issue.
In our humble view, people that really understand the gravity of the situation, cannot remain indifferent.

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