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Agriculture SOLUTIONS

Agriculture SOLUTIONS

Automation & Control

Agriculture SOLUTIONS

Areas of Expertise and related products

The global agriculture industry faces significant challenges and is experiencing rapid change as vital natural resources are depleted and weather patterns continue to change. Farmers must also deal with the fast growth of the demand for high-quality, cost-effective, and year-round products in these difficult conditions. At Baccara, we understand the challenge of providing farmers with improved data access and precise control to help save water and increase farm efficiency. Thereby, we design our products to meet these challenges.

Main Agriculture Solutions & Sub-assemblies

Thanks to our expertise and extensive agriculture experience, we offer farmers and growers exceptional value by offering systems and engineering solutions specifically tailored to their agriculture applications and needs.


For Precision Fertigation
Baccaras’ New Filtration Backwash Controller
Wireless Remote Control Solenoid System

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