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Field Irrigation

Field Irrigation

We bring to our customers experience in the field irrigation and agriculture automation and a deep understanding of the needs of the various applications. Working hand in hand with irrigation OEM’s, system integrators and growers to deliver the most reliable products and dependable agriculture automation systems.

Field Irrigation Showcases

Filtration Systems - Solenoid


New filtration technology requires a new flow control technology.
When the market leader of agricultural filtration systems developed its new line of filters, it had to find a top-quality solenoid valve that would allow maximum operating efficiency for the new filter.


GEM FLOW ™ 75A3P designed for Quick hydraulic response and high-pressure resistance that were some of the key requirements. the G75-A3P solenoidis equipped with a large orifice of 2.60 mm to enable quick hydraulic response, combined with the ability to handle operating pressures of up to 10 bars. These features together with its competitive price, make the G75-A3P the perfect choice for filtration system control.

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