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GEM CPR - for Precision Fertigation

Fertigation in soil and soil-less media is a sensitive process as the soil substrate has almost no buffer capacity. Therefore, it is essential to accurately maintain the Electric conductivity (EC) and pH levels.
Most fertigation machines use ON/OFF valves to dose the fertilizer into the irrigation line.

Since the amount of fertilizer is extremely small and needs to be very precise, the ON/OFF valves work at a very high frequency, with high energy consumption, and as a result, tend to overheat.

Baccara developed the GEM-CPR solenoid to overcome these constraints – an analog proportional dosing valve that provides high accuracy, perfect EC and pH control, and precise and homogeneous nutrient dosing.

The GEM-CPR has been fully adopted and implemented and the standard in the complete line of fertigation units of one of the largest irrigation companies in the world.


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