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Combining its vast experience in both multiple applications, allowing Baccara to either modify solenoid valve for a specific application from our existing lines or design a new solenoid valve specifically fit to operate in a verity of industrial agricultural uses. our valves are well suited to operate in harsh working environments, handle wide variety of aggressive media, operate with high flows, while still maintaining its precision, reliability, and long life.

Poultry Showcases

Solenoid for Automatic Drinking System for Poultry Agriculture


The intensive production requirements of poultry farmers have led to increased health threats to the chickens. Maintaining hygiene is essential to the farm’s health in such an intensive environment. To ensure consistently clean drinking water for the chickens, farmers searched for a reliable automatic way to rinse the drinking system.


Baccara stepped up to the challenge and by joining forces with one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for poultry culture developed a solenoid valve designed specifically for the harsh environment of a chicken coop that controls the water supply according to the commands from the central control system.

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