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The SpiderTM system is the first watering control platform based on a network of wireless low-power remote controlled solenoid valves and IoT sensors connected to a central gateway, allowing you to manage the irrigation system through a cloud-based dashboard platform.

Main usages:
Since solenoid valves are widely used in various markets and applications, several companies have incorporated the Spider System into their products, including irrigation controllers, , agricultural filtration, Ag-tech, solar panel cleaning and other industrial based applications. The SpiderTM system replaces any wired network with a wireless cloud based network, where solenoid valves are used to control fluid transport.

Features & benefits:

  • NO wires, no command pipes – Save labor & maintenance
  • Cloud-based communication via a desktop interface
  • Integration of external controllers
  • Sensor connection – real-time monitoring
  • Differential control & schedule over each valve
  • Operational management using a Dashboard and mobile app


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