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The fast growth of human population, crowded cities, failing transportation infrastructure, are all causing a decline in available open space that is crucial for our livelihood and wellbeing, These facts make the creation of green islands in our cities as well as on and inside our buildings a task more important than ever before.
We at Baccara design and manufacture the next generation of products that make these areas thrive with minor need for maintenance, operate in full autonomy and able to communicate with other devices in their environment.

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Modular Control Manifold – GEM-FLOW™ | G75-VM


Allowing simple and quick onsite installation. The need for reducing the number of parts. Eliminating the failure points.


VM Modular quick fit Manifold eliminates the need for piping, reduce the number of fittings, by that the VM Modular manifold enable a quick, easy, and economical installation of solenoid valve manifolds.

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