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3D & Digital Printing
3D & Digital Printing

We have over 25 years of extensive expertise and a proven track record in delivering high automation systems and customized ink flow control solutions for the digital and 3D printing industry. We serve and solve problems to worldwide leading companies.
Ongoing large investments in ink technology create a highly dynamic and demanding market. We address this by constantly enhancing our capabilities to successfully adjust our solutions to comply to new ink technologies when they first emerge.

3D & Digital Printing Showcases

Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing


A flow control system resistance to corrosive media AM / 3D-printing wax ink applications.
AM / 3D-printing wax ink applications use corrosive media in some cases to create printed models.
Adhering to market requirements, Baccara developed and delivered durable compact solenoid valves that perform consistently with corrosive media (isolated/separated diaphragm valve), a critical flow control component in our customers’ machines.


Developed and delivered durable compact solenoid valves that perform consistently with corrosive media (isolated/separated diaphragm valve) for AM / 3D-printing wax ink critical flow control component.

Digital Decoration for Cylindrical Containers


A digital printing flow control system with a high-speed, accurate, robust, low-pressure drop and food-grade utilized ink properties for cylindrical container.


Delivering high-end solenoid valves mounted on a manifold that is specifically designed for ink control to meet the high-quality requirements of market leading, innovative, and efficient global printing machine manufacturers

Large Format, Commercial and Industrial Printing Machines


Absolut Control and monitor of the printing media during the printing process.


Delivering comprehensive, integrated air and vacuum control panel for a large format of commercial and industrial printing machines. Baccara’s solutions allowed an advanced and accurate control and monitoring.

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