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Food and beverage

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Food and beverage

We offer flow control solutions to food and beverages applications. We address international standards (i.e. FDA) by choosing compatible product/system materials, while considering internal flow path channels and eliminating flow stagnation points, which are critical to avoid contaminations in these type of systems. We also offer a diverse product range certified to NSF61 and AS/MZS 4020

Food and beverage Showcases

Industrial Fryers


Handling hot sticky oil with a compact flow control unit and maintaining food-grade components for automated filtration in industrial fryers


Baccara’s R&D team innovated a cutting edge, robust industrial solenoid valve capable of handling hot, sticky oil and using food-grade valve materials. The solenoid valve housed in a comprehensive sub-assembly, made by Baccara, automating the filtration process of world leading automated fryer machine manufacturers

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