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Green & Renewable energy

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Green & Renewable energy
Green & Renewable energy

Climate change must be addressed for the sake of ensuring a better future for generations to come.
We are committed to achieving our vision by operating and offering creative and innovative solutions to the emerging Green Energy and Renewable Energy sectors. In keeping with global greenhouse gas regulations and requirements, we have participated in several hydrogen and photovoltaic solar energy development projects.

Green & Renewable energy Showcases

Hydrogen Production Machines


Safe and monitored handling of hydrogen, in a complexed renewable energy generating environment.


Baccara successfully developed and designs state-of-the-art flow control solenoid valve that is ATEX certified and oxygen clean, meeting our customers specific requirements.

Fuel-cell Power Solutions


•Safe and monitored handling of hydrogen, ammonia, and KOH (potassium hydroxide) in a complexed renewable energy generating environment. •High leak controlling capabilities, facing hydrogen molecule (smallest size molecule) •dealing with the extreme and unique of KOH, crystalize sediments challenging baccaras long life cycle capabilities


Baccara successfully developed a state-of-the-art media separated flow control solenoid valve for implementation in fuel cell power solutions, that meat fully our customer requirements. Baccaras flow control solenoid valves provide the required safety and leakage control for hydrogen along with a long-life span facing KOH.

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