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Automation & Control


As manufacturers of components for medical devices, we understand the challenging performance and regulatory requirements of this industry. Combining years of experience and practical product expertise, we know exactly how to deliver precise, qualified, customized automated flow control and process solutions to meet your exact needs. Our Product Managers and Engineers work hand in hand with our customers to design and manufacture innovative products and sub-assemblies to meet the market requirements.

Medical Showcases

Cancer Cryotherapy


Controlling and automating cryotherapy machines dealing with extreme temperature range liquid nitrogen flow at -196°C (-320°F)


Developing and designing a high-quality medical devise standards customized manifolds, capable for controlling liquid nitrogen flow at -196°C (-320°F). The manifolds were implemented in a wide range of cryogenic solenoid valve-based systems that requires FDA-approval.

Body Plethysmography (Pulmonary Function Test)


Adapting flow control and measurement system to a fast diagnostic reliable countertop sized PFT machine.


Developing a significantly reduced size critical flow control and measurement systems, according to an accurate size goal, delivering our client a high-quality minimized solution with enhanced diagnostic time.

Skin Care and Hair Removal


Developing a medical quality, compact, precise vacuum, and cooling flow control that stands at the customers target price – Cost reduction


Cutting edge innovation customizing a reduced cost compact vacuum, and cooling flow control systems, that stands with the high requirements of the medical devise industry

Respiratory systems, Ventilators


Achieving precise and balanced flow control along with seamless air & oxygen mixing process


Developing customized medical grade, proportional and high frequency operating valves, offering high accuracy and precise regulation capabilities.

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